Day 20 – A Healing Friend

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HealingHands“The work of the healer is the work of love!

The healer reaches into the painful areas of the soul and gently reawakens hope!

She gently reawakens the ancient memory of who the soul is.

She touches the spark of God in each cell of the body and gently reminds it that it is already God…and already being God, it inexorably flows with the universal will towards health and wholeness.”

Quote from Barbara Brennan.

Thank you, Indra.

What do I intensely appreciate today?

Today I have received a healing session from a very special friend.

I intensely appreciate the community of healers I know.

I love healing others and myself.

I intensely appreciate all the amazing healing methods I know, learned or personally enjoy: Raiki, Sound healing, Theta healing, Shamanism, Shiatsu, the reconnection, Acupuncture, herbal therapy, The work of Byron Katie,  EFT or Tapping, Craniosacral therapy, Guided meditations, all massage form too.

Did I forget something?

I intensely appreciate the fact that so many healing methods are emerging and more people make coaching or healing their professions.

That is helping us speed up human evolution and up the Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid for all.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I am in acceptance today. First day since the challenge began.

Am I intensely loyal to myself?

Today I took another step to shade a light on subconscious agreements I carry that don’t serve me anymore.

That is why I like healing.

What have I learned today?

I learned deeper that, when we want something really much like love, money, security, health and we don’t have it. The key is in the subconscious.

The challenge questions are: Try it for 7 days :-)

What do I intensely appreciate today?

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

Am I intensely loyal to myself?

What have I learned today?

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