A fun trick to focus on what is really important to you

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Blog & Stories

Head full of ideas and emotions that makes you freeze and do nothing?

I know all about it.

What do you want to focus on?
Finish writing a book, learning Italian, or just painting the stairs to the cellar?

Sometimes it takes us ages to do what you really wanted to do, and most of the time the unfinished project is just lying there like sleeping beauty?… Waiting to be kissed?

In the last months, everyone was hanging around my house: my husband working on his sustainability initiative, my son and his football games, my daughter and her laud Latin music and even the dog Tesla, who just love to run and our two cats, who need me to be the doorman to every room 🙂

Did you have the same?

All of us hanging together, cooking, everyone needing attention, going through things, talking, arguing, and sometimes demanding (You didn’t get ice cream?)

One morning I went with my steamy coffee to my working space, with millions of tasks and then I realized: I don’t remember what was the meaning of all the hard work?

The world is flipping, do I still know what is my purpose?
What is it all for?

After my morning practice, I decided to add something new, that was advised by my guide ( yes, I have an invisible friend as a master coach 🙂

Good morning practice will include activating our breath, our body, our gratitude, and a review of the day. If you use our Morning Activation you got it going.

But I learned to add a higher perspective, with a symbol.

That is what I want you to do.

Step one: Ask two questions a few times a day, until you get a feeling or an answer.
What was I born to creating in this lifetime? and how I want to serve the world?

Step two: Take meditative time and space to listen to yourself. Place hands on your heart and repeat those questions ( your invisible friend will remind you:-)
Allow the answer or feeling to appear as a visual symbol.

Step three: Drow a symbol of the THING you want to create in the world.
Fill it up with the intention. So your subconscious mind will always be reminded of what is important to you.

Step four: Hang your drawing, and continue to doodle it, scratch it everywhere.
That will activate your inner focus and conviction, even if you don’t remember it in words and it is a feeling.

In the picture: My husband and I put it into practice 🙂

Do you also forget what it is all about? Or want to understand your purpose and bring more meaning to your activities?

Hit reply and let me know.

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