A challenge to Take the Journey 🙂

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starsI challenge myself to go as far as I can and see how much I can develop myself on this life time on earth. Can I make myself be useful for the greater good?

I am investigating this for years and this journey was very enriching, I recommend it!

I believe that I give more to the world around me since I found my own voice and follow my own passion, as a woman, a mother, a partner, an artist, a friend.

I believe in my heart that the success of humanity on earth depends on us fulfilling our potential. It is our birth right and responsibility to be the best we can.

Who are you? What do you like to do? And how will you contribute to the collective?

“I don’t know” is probably the best first answer.

The journey you will take will be unique to you. Who are you truly? What made you what you are? Where are you from? Are you a man or a woman (or in between)? How old are you? What did you create in your life until now? What gives you energy? What make you shine? How far will you dare to go? What holds you back?

If your first thought when you read this is that you have nothing special to offer, please know that this is the number one human sickness, to my opinion; too little love to self, too little self value. If you can give more to yourself, there would be more love around, and we all will benefit when you bring your part of the puzzle to the human picture.

I don’t know what your journey will be, I can just tell you that it will be adventurous. In time it will make life worth living as you live more fully with better vision and compassion.

So say YES, to yourself.

Yes, I would like to experience more loving.

Yes, I would like to experience to be adventurous.

Yes, I would like to experience to be naughtier.

Yes, I would like to experience my sensuality.

Yes, I would like to experience to be more caring.

Yes, I would like to experience showing myself to people who care.

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