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I inspire and activate you to reconnect with your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Through online programs, live events and creative workshops and products, I will guide you towards knowing yourself and consciously expressing yourself.

 💛Connect to your voice and inner power with Galitta’s Morning Activation sound visualization. Download the audio and uplift your day in just 7 minutes.  😊

Use Your Voices program and workshops help YOU to find your authentic voice and purpose so you can create the life you are born to have with inner power and joy, without wasting years procrastinating or doubting

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Transformational Guide

“Your beautiful, authentic, wise voice not only energizes and grounds me, you also guide me skilfully through the “ Sound Journey to Meet Your Future-Self”.
I keep listening to you, absolute top, thank you!”

— Peter Bastiaan

“Galitta’s Sessions are tremendously transformative. With her voice, sound, music, words, and energy she gets you in a trance and gets you to understand the deeper meaning of yourself”

— Marjolijne Blankevoort

Latest Stories

Keeping The Eye On The Ball +Lion Gate

Keeping The Eye On The Ball +Lion Gate   I invite you to join us on a Lion's Gate activation on Youtube. Off course you know that because it's in the headline 🙂 What is it? Lions Gate Portal is an energetic opening for accelerated transformation. Its starts around July...

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Are We Breaking Open?

Are We Breaking Open?

Life surprised me again. Why I'm even surprised? 🙂 When I asked her to show me what I don’t see, Life said: surrender. I argued: “But I have been trying that for years." “Try again,” Life said. “Surrender your sorrows, your frustrations, and the past." I believe...

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“Your Voice can heal your Heart

Your Creativity can heal your Spirit,

Your Song can Heal your Body,

Your Words can heal your Mind”




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