5 Mysterious Reasons Why You Should Know Who You Really Are

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Blog & Stories

Let us not beat around the bush. As some of you may know, I just love to witness a good and juicy transformation. I help people like you to change their thinking and feeling and transform from “stuck” to feeling free and from blocked to feeling fertile. As a healer, a coach, and an artist, I love to see people discover who they are and express themselves with their unique voice. For me, this is what it means to live fully alive and the best way to win over darkness in ourselves and in the world.

galitta wants you to know yourself :-)

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Today, I will be sharing with you 5 reasons why you should take the journey to KNOW YOURSELF. More importantly, today I will be helping you to make a solid decision of whether you want to live, love, and lead your life with joy and authority, or live the life that was programmed into you with no purpose or creativity!! OH NO!! Don’t do that 🙂 The thing is, becoming aware of your self and inner power is NOT suitable for everyone. That’s the truth. Some people choose to stay asleep and small… that is ok… free will … you know. I know of so many people who were only slightly interested in getting to know themselves and wanted happiness, health, and success .. but they never got anywhere because they did not dig deep enough to truly understand why their personal awareness and spiritual growth are so important. After talking to dozens of my most successful clients, students, and friends, I have distilled the 5 main reasons why anyone would want to know their true selves and transform their life into their dream life. And it’s not what you imagine!


Optimal Health

When my mother became an actress in community theater at the age of 71, she suddenly blossomed and found a new inspiration for living. At the time, she was very sick and not motivated. I was amazed to realize that the suppressive circumstances of her past didn’t allow her to be who she really is: an artist. She was always a health nut, who was into healthy and vegetarian food in times when it was not in fashion at all. Still, my mother suffered from many ailments. Living your life doing what everyone else wants you to do, and feeling frustrated, afraid, or defeated, is dangerous!! I witnessed many times with students and clients that honoring who you really are and living the life you intended to live is a miracle for our physical health.


I’m always surprised to hear from people who think that it’s hard and impossible to feel confident. Some people secretly believe it is a talent or gift from heaven and that they are not worthy of it. That is the opposite of the truth. Your essence is a spark of brilliance. When you get to know yourself and become aware of who you are (all your four voices/elements: Mind, Heart, Body, and Spirit), you radiate calm, joy, and satisfaction. People will describe it as “confidence” but you will know that you just naturally ARE.

Living in a flow

When you know yourself, you are aware of, and balance, your: Inner World (Queen) and Outer world (King) Light and Shadows Left, rational brain and Right, intuitive brain Extrovert self and Introvert self And most important: your Soul and your Personality (ego) wishes and needs. When you know all of yourself, you are in flow with all that is happening inside and outside you. Struggles, cruelty to self, frustration, and confusion become dynamics that are small and unimportant. All parts of you have a place in the life you are creating. Your Mind, Heart, Body, and Spirit all work together.

Balance King and QueenHealthy and balanced relationships

I once knew a very giving and talented woman who always had relationships with partners who took more than they should have, gave her very little love in return, and always left her emotionally and mentally (and sometimes financially) bankrupt. For a long time, she blamed herself and suffered a lot. When she allowed herself to explore who she really is, she realized that she is an empath and a highly sensitive person. She understood the reasons why she attracted the narcissistic types. It helped her shift her thinking, with no self-blame. When she understood her soul mission on earth and her life challenges, she grew to respect who she really is and built healthy boundaries with love partners.

Endless creativity

When you know all your four voices, you tap into an infinite and universal knowledge and wisdom about life. When I guide people through a shamanic journey to meet themselves and to travel in their own subconscious, they always return with insights that are life-changing. The moment you get to meet different aspects of yourself in different dimensions, a door or wonder opens up in your consciousness and it stays with you for always. From my own experience, all music, stories, art, painting, crafts are always fueled by this connection. Yourself = infinite divine self, an inspiration you can’t afford to miss. What about you? Do any of these reasons resonate with you? I want you to get really clear on your reason(s) behind why you want to live, love, and lead your life like a Queen | King. Let us not talk about superficial reasons. I want you to dig deep to truly figure out why you want to transform your life to YOUR full potential. I can just tell you that WE ALL NEED YOU TO SUCCEED. You may realize at the end of the day that personal growth and creative living isn’t for you, and that’s okay. But if you realize that exploring who you really are is maybe something you are interested in, I’m here to walk this journey with you! So let me know… what’s your personal WHY for wanting to truly live, love, and lead your life? Why are YOU interested in it? Why would YOU like to achieve self-mastery? I truly don’t think that it’s a coincidence that you are here. Leave me a comment or replay to mail. I love you for it 😍 who you really are

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