3 clear signs that you urgently need to reconnect to your Inner-Self

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Blog & Stories, Spirit Guide

Do you feel sometimes that nobody gets you? Really really get you?

Would you like to stop looking for approval in other people’s faces and opinions?

Are you frustrated with where you are currently when it comes to living the life you want?

if yes, then you’ll need to connect to who you are so that you can be happy and fulfilled on your own terms and your own time.

Here there are 3 signs that indicate that you need to reconnect to your Inner kingdom and listen to your inner voice:

1.You are exhausted by the world chaos and going up and down in other people merry- go- round.

2. You feel disconnected from a healthy vision of your future and confused about what you are doing.

3. You have no motivation, or excitement to do, be or experience anything

galitta quotes inner voice

Does this sound familiar? 

I met so many people who dedicated their entire life to their professional life and based on what their parents or culture wishes until they get to a point where they can’t do it anymore. The lucky one gets inspired to change or embark on a journey to know themselves better. Others are forced by a painful challenge to look within and align their life to a true purpose.

Our Inner Voice and especially our guides always answer our questions and have our best interest to live a fulfilling life.

The practice of meditation is proven to positively affect our mind and body but many of us find it difficult to keep practice. When I learned to take a shamanic journey I was so surprised to realize that I went so deep for a whole hour, but effortlessly.

Nothing compares to fast and unique access and language with your own Spiritual Team and your own subconscious mind.
But, how do I get there? Here are four steps to connect with your Inner Voice.

listen your inner voice

4 Steps to Connect to your Inner Voice

Step Step 1: Set an intention. Wow, the power of your intention is REAL. Before you begin, simply articulate your intention. It could be simply “to connect to my inner voice/ intuition/strength/wisdom” or it could be to “connect and heal my inner child” etc.
Step 2: Close your eyes. This simple action allows your mind to start to shift its focus from our outer reality to our inner world. Our subconscious. This world is huge!
Step 3: Focus and slow the breath. Our breath can guide us straight to where we need to go. To get started try the breath count of 4 – 7 – 8. Inhale: to the count of 4 Hold your breath: for 7 counts Exhale: slowly count from 1- 8 at a mindful rate.
Step 4: Visualization When you can see something in your mind’s eye and envision how it is or how you would like it to be. You can create, heal, and transform with the power of your visualization!

We need to connect to our Inner Power to survive and thrive. Do you have any other technique or ritual to stay connected to your Inner Voice and Guides? Hit reply and let me know.

Enjoy Your Inner World,


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