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Before the Afterlife

Suzanne: This is before the afterlife. All about healing spiritual growth and how to be happy before you go… I am your host Suzanne Falter. We are coming to your from Oklahoma, California. Is it possible to heal a broken heart with singing? May I never want to suspect...

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DubtiMystic Story

The DubtiMystic music project of Leo and Galitta is bringing out their second EP this spring 2017. The second EP We Are Made of Stars is a new collaboration to bring to life the sounds of the divine feminine and divine masculine together....

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How much do you LOVE your body?

Last year I had a rude awakening about the world of Matter. Yes, the M word of Money, Manifestation and all that Jazz. When you are a spiritual seeker, an artist or a adventurous dreamer, money is not so interesting… until. So last year, I cleaned some believes I have...

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Who do I need to forgive to be FREE?

For years, the act of forgiveness was elusive. I believed that staying unforgiving was a sign of strength and resolve, but then when my body could not hold the toxins anymore I understood that accumulating resentment didn’t work for health, peace and happiness. I had...

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Permission to Feel Free

Once again, I came across the concept of permission. We know each other very well. She is a permanent resident in my unconsciousness. She tells me - she will stay there until she is visible in the collective memory of my people. I am not arguing. “Why does a person...

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Happily Clueless

I found myself looking at girls in the way older women used to look at me long ago, with a mix of charm and astonishment at the daring spirit. I was not always charmed; somewhere it was painful. When you are young, you believe that you will always be free. That makes...

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