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Can We Accept Our Power?

Can I accept my power? I will be frank. Today the answer to this question is apparently no. I want too. I believe I should. I have great arguments as to why I should and how important it is for me too. I have great discussion points about how, when we accept our...

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Build It And They Will Come?

My creative animal is getting restless but hopeful. For years she was an obsessive creature, that was super productive but a bit misguided. But last months I caged her, yes, I locked the door and said in a soft voice "you will wait here quiet until I will come to pick...

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Choose light in these times

We choose light by choosing and feeling light every day by activating love in ourselves and activating gratitude and sharing it with people, with sharing kindness with strangers. with being consciousness with our writing, with what you create, whatever you say,...

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And if you could would you?

And if you could would you? Would you love what you have done In spite of your mistakes? Would you forgive all of the plans that didn’t work out? Would you remember all the people who helped you along the way? Would you say all you didn’t dare to say? Would you...

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Everything I’m NOT going to do it 2018 My new year resolution is about everything I'm NOT going to do. not going to do this year. I decided I'm NOT going to doubt my path anymore. I am not going to question, doubt and doubt again about my life purpose, the road I took, or the...

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Guided Meditation to relax and sweetly surrender

On my journey to unite my inner queen and inner king I am learning the power of surrender. It is so hard to change when you are wired to struggle and fight and when you come from a family of survives, it feels strange, to change. In our world, fighting and "not giving...

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