Welcome, I am Galitta Tassa.
I exist to share knowledge and playfulness through creative expression.

I am a singer/songwriter, sound priestess and content creator for expanding consciousness.
I entertain, heal and educate with the power of my voice.
It is my passion and love to take groups and audiences through a journey of  self-discovery with music, chants, meditation, stories and rituals, in performances and teaching events.

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I am a big believer in the power of the arts to stimulate people and generate happiness.
I enormously enjoy healing and inspiring individuals and communities to achieve their full power.
It is my personal mission to help people on their journey to be heard, and to shine, shine, shine!

Dubtimystic: Expanding Fields EP

Galitta Tassa: The Thirteen

It is time to expand the language of how we learn, how we educate and how we connect to each other. The Journey that I am on, took me to beyond being and preforming as an artist and I founded Happy Goddessa and Fertile Ground Studio

To date she has led hundreds of performances, events and workshops worldwide to help countless numbers of men and women lead more fully integrated lives and stay inspired.

Permission to Feel Free


Once again, I came across the concept of permission. We know each other very well. She is a permanent resident in my unconsciousness. She tells me – she will stay there until she is visible in the collective memory of my people. I am not arguing. “Why does a person need permission to feel free?” you would ask. Well just … Continue reading...

Happily Clueless


I found myself looking at girls in the way older women used to look at me long ago, with a mix of charm and astonishment at the daring spirit.

I was not always charmed; somewhere it was painful.

When you are young, you believe that you will always be free. That makes you vulnerable, but you don’t know that because … Continue reading...

The Healing Voice: listening to my heart voice

healing voice

In my search for healing I arrived at a point where I admitted to myself that I feel broken.

For years I felt as if I am torn between everything that I am: performing artist vs. producer, domestic person vs. career oriented person, introvert vs. extrovert, village girl vs. city girl, Clown vs. singer. I have completely exhausted myself trying … Continue reading...

Voices in my Head: Meeting my Mental Voices

Today on the way home from a healing ritual, where I took part in something relating to my Jewish self, I realized something. Somewhere when I wasn’t looking the question of ‘Who am I?’ changed to ‘Who am I not?’

Can I answer this question without starting to philosophize? Maybe I should, it is who I am.

I investigate life, … Continue reading...

The Calling of a Voice: guidance by spirit voice

It was one of this times that I called the Great Spirit. In that meditation I did something new, I opened my mouth and let my voice participate in my silent prayer. A chant was born.

I who valued and worked hard for good lyrics found myself in a world beyond words. I found in there an enormous space for … Continue reading...

A Story of Voice: finding my singing voice

My mother says I started to sing before I could talk, but in my childhood my voice was always a “problem”.

I  was very often hoarse and sometimes could hardly speak.

My mother took me to a specialist to check my vocal cords but he didn’t find anything physical.

I have noticed that after every school trip, competition or games … Continue reading...

The Road to Wisdom

“In seeking wisdom, the first stage is silence, the second listening, the third remembrance, the fourth practicing, the fifth teaching.” Salomon Ibn Gvirol

I love this quote, as I found it so be so true. In our time most of us find it difficult to enter the first stage. We created a noisy world that missing silence. but if we … Continue reading...

Happy Goddessa Club

Here is your opportunity to stretch your winds, fluff your feathers and sing your own song.

The Happy Goddessa club is coming alive on the 21 March in Amsterdam, the place to be: to ground your success, connect and take your life to the next level.

You are not along in your desire for more joy, more play, more voice, … Continue reading...